Should Black Women Abandon Their Jesus???

Should there be an Ebony Exodus?

I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat anything here. I’m meeting more and more black atheists today many of whom have totally abandoned the black church. You know what? I can’t say I blame them. I especially can’t blame black women that abandon the black church. Again, if we look at black life honestly, they are in fact the most religious but the most damaged group out there.  It seems that the black church (and many nonblack charismatic types) is nothing more than a genie in a bottle type of church and when it doesn’t deliver, people naturally lose faith.

And God help the person with a mental illness. As the video noted, they’re quickly told that they don’t pray hard enough, fast appropriately, pay tithes, etc.  Such comments do nothing but increase the severity of a person’s emotional illness. For this reason, I would advise anyone with a mental illness to be very careful and selective about church attendance. In fact,  stay away from prosperity/name it claim it churches due to the false hope they spread whether they intend to or not. Truth is, you can name and claim all you wish…what will be will be. For every person you saw name and claim something that “got what they wanted” there’s another person that did not.  Be skeptical of the person that is going on and on about blessings and favor. More often than not, they don’t have either.  Don’t believe me? Just compare the lives and churches of white bible believing Christians as opposed to black bible believing Christians.  Who has more “favor” or “blessings” on average over the other? Let that sink in if you’re not afraid of the truth. Won’t it set you free… If you find yourself troubled by this then ask yourself what your true reason is for becoming a Christian.

These issues along with mental health is what’s causing the Ebony Exodus.

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