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Black Woman, America Hates You!

Do Americans hate black women? You’d think that was the case with employers and school officials telling us that the hair growing out of our heads is unacceptable. Katherine Lemire, a black former employee of Michael Stapleton Associates, was fired after standing up for another employee with braided hair. If you’re ready for your blood […]

Public Service Announcement For Black Sistah Soldiers…

  You can take your deluded ass and go straight to hell with your mythical black kang. Apparently, some black female knights in shining armor were upset that the above meme, by Deborah Cooper, didn’t include black men with nonblack women. Ms. Cooper eloquently put it back to them: I encourage you to click on […]

Swirling Gone Horribly Wrong!

Young IR couple planned to join ISIS! A 20-year-old black woman, Jaelyn Delshaun Young, and and her 22-year-old Arab/Muslim fiancé,  Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, have the feds to deal with because of their stupid plot to support ISIS in Syria. To make matters worse, Jaelyn’s father is a cop. I suspect this young lady lost all common […]

Increase In Police Brutality? Really?

Am I the only one questioning the media’s coverage of police brutality? Yes, I know it happens but I question the so-called rise in police brutality specifically against black women. In July, six black women have died in police custody. While tragic, I’m sure there weren’t only six. I’m also quite sure that black women […]